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A few of our most popular questions are answered below

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum guest fee?
No there isn’t a fee we don’t charge you if your guests don’t show; nor do we ask you to commit to a minimum number of guests.
How do you know how much drink to bring?
We do many events of all different types. The team have years of experience of supplying bars for different functions and numbers of guests. As a point of caution, we always over stock.
How Much Space Do You Need For The Bars?

The bars are built in kit form on the site and start from 4ft per sections. The minimum serving space required is approximately 10x10ft  although this can depend on the location., how many staff are needed, and what facilities are in the location. For example, if the bar area is too small we won’t be able to open the glass fronted fridges whilst someone is in front of them, which will limit the number of staff and increase the serving time – or in some instances, we can’t get equipment into the area at all.

How Much Staff Do You Bring?
This will depend on the complexity of your occasion and how many guests you have.
Do You Bring All The Glasses?

Yes, we do. We provide proper glassware unless asked not to. We also have plastics for children. Glassware is provided free while the bar is open for all the drinks that we serve. We cannot serve drinks in glass if your venue does not have hot running water for food hygiene.

 If you wish to hire additional glasses, please contact us for a quote.

Do You Bring Ice?

Yes, we do. Please advise us if your venue does not have a freezer.

We would like to provide our own drinks; can we do this?

Unfortunately, not. In order to keep our drinks prices competitive, we purchase in large quantities with a range of suppliers and breweries.  Without the overheads of utilities, we can pass on our savings through our low-cost drink options.  As a licensed bar, we sell our drinks in legal measures in line with responsible drinking, these measures are not available in supermarkets. We are happy to source drinks for you (providing we can get them from our suppliers and can keep the selling price competitive). If there is something specific we are unlikely to sell, we will ask you to pay for the product upfront and then serve it to guests on your behalf. We can quote for toasting drinks from £2 per glass and drinks on arrival. Our prices are very competitive – alternatively, we can provide a quote for corkage per bottle.

Can You Supply Bars and Staff for our event so we can provide our own drinks?
No sorry, we cannot supply our trained staff for other events.
Can You Do An Outside Bar?

Absolutely! We can set up in any venue (weather/season dependant). We have done bars in horse shelters, tipi’s, under canopies and from vehicles. Contact us for details We can also provide outdoor lighting, power, furniture hire, decorations and gazebos, but there will be a charge for this. Please contact us for details. Please note, outdoor set up will be a longer install and if your venue or location requires installation on a different day to the event there will be a charge for this based on the complexity of the installation. We do not usually do outside bars from September to March. 

Why Do You Need To Know If There Is Water?
We need water to wash hands and clean the glasses. At an outside area without running water we will bring plastic instead. We can heat water to wash hands but it is not possible to heat enough water to provide glass cleaning for a whole day.
How Much Power Do You Need?

Two standard plug sockets are all that is required. We have extensions if necessary  If you are allowing power from a generator, 8kgva is required without lighting and the client must supply leads from a generator to bar serving area. 

We want to put some money behind the bar of pay for drinks up front can we do this?

Absolutely we can provide flexible options for paying for drinks up front.  You may choose to put a set amount behind the bar or pay for the first drink as everyone arrives.  Some guests like to offer a token option so that guest may choose their favourite. We can provide numerous options for welcome drinks, wine for tables during a meal, and deliver toasts to tables during speeches.

Do You Remove All Bottles?

Yes, we do!  We remove all products we bring with us and recycle all glass, cardboard, and cans.

Do You Take Cards?

Yes, we do!  We have portable card readers able to process contactless transactions however, these are dependant on a good phone signal so unless you know your venue is in a good service area for 4g we would suggest your guests bring cash.

We also accept PayPal payme and bank transfer – again dependent on phone signal .

  • Wide Selection of Drinks

    Need something specific? Just let us know in advance
  • Welcome/Reception Drinks

    Ideal for toasts or setting a tone
  • Beers On Tap

    A great quality beer on tap
  • Glasses

    Appropriate stemware and glasses – no disposables ruining your event
  • Drinks for Kids

    We’re not all-alcohol, all the time

The Events and Party Types We Have Worked

This isn’t all of them – but gives an idea of our work

Christmas lights switch on for Dacorum Borough Council, 100th birthday party, emigration party, Surprise parties from secret 21sts to a wedding reveal for family & friends.

  • Weddings
  • Christenings 
  • Anniversaries
  • Corporate
  • Birthdays
  • New Homes
  • Reunions
  • Public Events

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