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Carlsberg Keg

Carlsberg Keg

£200 for First Keg
£150 for Second
Fosters Keg

Fosters Keg

£200 for First Keg
£150 for Second

Keg Hire

Quality beer, better savings.

The keg hire service from Bar Anywhere is the most efficient and cost effective way to get in the beers! Whether it's a large formal event, or just a family Barbeque; the Fosters and Carlsberg kegs we offer can get around 88 pints or 181 bottles based on 275ml bottle from just one keg! The savings available are staggering.
Our kegs come fully equipped with Beer tap, co2 gas & regulator, flash cooler, 50 pint glasses/half glasses, keg of Carling or Fosters, and full instructions. This set-up is all you need for a days keg hire - which is most popular. We come by and drop off a while before the event so the keg can stand for a minimum of two hours, then collect the following day - or later, if you arrange a longer keg hire.


Looking for more than just kegs?  A mobile bar from Bar-Anywhere costs you nothing - as we make our profits from our low-cost drink sales!  

Keg hire ensure the best value, high quality beers without compromising.

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