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Hire Terms & Conditions

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises.  We ask that anyone who could be thought to be under the age of 21 to bring PHOTOGRAPHIC ID with them or they will not be servedWe will not serve anyone who is excessively drunk, or who is abusive or threatening to staff or other customers. There may be event photography taken on the day used for marketing purposes and social media .Permission will be sought for photos of individual guests .we are happy to receive any pictures you have taken throughout the events  we love receiving those and will happily share them .In the case of an 18th birthday party we will ask for Id from guests on arrival and issue a wristband or a stamp this will  enable the bar staff to not have to check each person at the bar .

It is NOT permitted for anyone to consume their own alcoholic beverages on the  address premises this includes gardens or car parks as the license covers the entire location by postcode .  Your  deposit will be forfeited if this is to be found so we do not charge for hire and alcohol brought onto a site becomes the licensees responsibility regardless of if it is being sold or given away  and could potentially affect our alcohol license  . we will not have the bar open while alcohol is open that has not been supplied by us all open alcohol must be removed from guest areas before bar opens .Once a temporary event notice is in effect  the   venue becomes a licensed premises alcohol cannot be sold  or given away with an entry ticket or token etc without a license  .For guidance on  Alcohol  Licensing see http://www.legislation.gov.uk .

Upon signing our booking form a legally binding contract exists between us.
Should you wish to cancel your booking, notice must be given in writing  and received one full month   before the event is scheduled to commence.  Should you fail to tell us within this time margin the full  deposit of £75  will be forfeited. If the booking has been made less than 30 days before the event date £25 for the license fee will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining £50 returned to you .

Deposits are returned after the event we do not charge for breakages unless they are excessive or caused by negligence or incident normal breakage is to be expected .In the case of excessive breakage we charge a replacement fee  of £2 for cocktail glasses or pitchers , £1 per pint glass and £0.50p per glass for half pints and flutes .If there are glasses provided by another supplier the teams will not wash clear or pack away glasses from other companies .

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure sufficient access is available at the Event for the Company to supply the required Goods, as well as access to facilities including (but not restricted to) water, electricity, rubbish disposal and parking.We can take card payments and accept  various banking apps    however the terminals /apps  are  dependent on the coverage therefore they   require  a constant  internet signal so unless you can guarantee the venue has wifi we are allowed to access I would ask guest’s to bring cash. We will provide a bar team to set up  and install the bars glassware and fridges on the same day of your  event .Set up before may be possible but there will be a charge for this please contact us for details in this instance as will depend on location and number of rigging staff involved. Glassware is provided for your event free of charge while Bar-Anywhere are serving .Additional glass hire is available 

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